About Us

About Us

Sustainable Fashion Business Consortium (SFBC) is a group of Hong Kong based companies in the textile and apparel sector committed to promoting and increasing the use of sustainable practices across the fashion supply chain.

With the pressing issue of global warming, air and water pollution, and the ever increase of waste disposal pits, SFBC has a vision to create a platform to continuously improve textile and apparel manufacturing processes and procedures throughout the supply chain in order to minimize the industry’s impact on the environment.

SFBC is the first organization that aimed to promote environmental issues and the concept of sustainability in the textile and apparel industry in HK. With 12 founding members that are all conscious of their corporate social responsibility to the industry, SFBC was formally launched on 22 April 2008, intentionally coinciding with Earth Day, adding an extra meaning to the launch.

SFBC has already started cooperating with different organizations to initiate demonstration projects on sustainable practices. SFBC will become an agent of change, initiating changes to benefit not only our industry, but also the community at large. We invite you to join with us in this new venture for a better tomorrow.

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